Friday, June 16, 2006

DRESS it up

Yes, we all now know know that dresses are the must have fashion item of the summer. And we are happy. They are low maintenance, cheap and cheerful, and make us appear feminine and full of frivoulous fun. Well, to men anyway. To women it just becomes another saga in the fashion epic that is life.

And listen up this time as the answer is not to be found in the usual suspects - TopShop or H&M. Rather the -more convincing than Kate Moss's cocaine use -winner is The Gap (aka the Generation Gap - yes, that is where the name comes from afterall.)

No joke. Gap is all over the dress it up fashion of the moment.

Great designs, great colours, and all in a limited edition. Which means once they are gone that it is. Accept no imitations.

Oxford Street stores are open late this week as well - 9PM (smaller ones across from Topshop and John Lewis) or 10PM(main one opposite Bond Street tube).

Liz's favourite of the range:
Look out for the Marni knock off. It's a short sleeved, white button down cotton design with gold horizontal stripes. Unlike the others in the range, the cut suits only the slimmest of figures, but is a knock out if you have been sipping diet coke instead of downing pints of lager watching the boys kick around in Germany.

And even if that is you, Victoria Beckham, expect to go up a size or two. If you manage to get your hands on one.

As of yesterday many locations had completely sold out.

Cost £25-£40 various


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