Friday, August 25, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Somehow things have left us feeling a bit unsettled this week. We are not sure if it's the ineluctable destiny that is summer's swan song, August Bank Holiday, or the uneasiness over supposed inalienable truths, such as Pluto's status as a planet, being toyed with by a group of inane academics. Or it could just be me, and the fact that I am half Italian. This explains a lot, according to the new book, La Bella Figura: A Guide to the Italian Mind, that is flying off the shelves in NYC at the moment.

Apparently being Italian has many distinct personality traits (a euphemism for disorders) associated with it, beyond finding the drinking of a cappuccino after 10AM reprehensible. The most relevant to me being the propensity to "totter along in a state of amiable chaos," and the perception of "obedience as boring". So, that's why I don't pay bills, or fines, or get to work on time. Or why Italians drive like (considered) maniacs and never stop at red lights. Rubbish to any more moments of self reflection (rare the beast they were, anyway), now I know to blame my genes. And with that uneasiness put to rest, let's take on the other pesky mental irritants from this week, with the 4th edition of City Slicker's 'Week's Action, Weekend Reaction.'

1) Feeling overwhelmed by the hype surrounding the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend? You know it's Europe's biggest street party, but where do you start and when do you stop? React by heading to Westbourne Park tube station, the quieter, less touristy sister to Ladbroke Grove. Enjoy the Carnival along the stretch of Great Western Road to Golborne Road. Alongside The Regents Canal you will find an abundance of jerk chicken, plantains and Red Stripe to keep you satiated. And if the musical revelry at street level gets overwhelming, gaze up at the Trellick Tower, the Elephant Man of architecture. Sunday and Monday after 12noon are the main event.

2) Silently jealous that Posh can still manage a six hour booze bender and hold down that 'illustrious' career as an international fashion designer of the 'ubiquitous' VB jeans? React by showing her how it's done the real Londoners way, and that wouldn't involve Nobu Berkeley, the new HQ for WAGs. No, head to the massive redevelopment it makes Shanghai look prehistoric, King's Cross, for the opening of the much awaited Big Chill House. And while this site on Pentonville Road has seen many bars come and go, the site blight is over. The people behind Big Chill pride themselves on finding an alternative to the life-sapping bar culture that can dominate our capital. 257-259 Pentonville Road, N1 9NL , 020 7684 2020. Opens tonight 6PM.

3) Feeling guilty that you managed to miss, yet again, all of the summer blockbuster art exhibitions? Not to panic, react by swallowing the multivitamin of culture on offer at the V&A this weekend. It is your last chance to catch Che Guevara: Revolutionary and Icon. Or if you are feeling more Arab than Cuban, head over to the V&A's new Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art . Tonight from 6:30-9:45 is Friday Late: Arabise Me. To celebrate the Gallery's opening, there will be installations, dance, photography, film, and performance art by artists based in the Arab world. Because, in these times, we all need a bit more art than life. 020 7942 2000


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post again CS. Loving your blog and your style little miss cool.

12:51 pm  
Anonymous Naz said...

Love the freestyle weeks action pieces. Clever concept. U should copyright it!

12:54 pm  
Blogger Shep said...

LOL would you believe I'm staying at Westbourne Park! CS, you stalker!

I must admit I HATE the Notting Hill Carnival with a vengeance. One of my friends boasted once about doing cool PR Marketing stuff for the carnival, expecting us all to be really impressed. We found out that in fact he was dressed head-to-foot as a can of Lilt, giving out freebies. He explained later that the height of his misery was when he was tipped and rolled along by some party-goers. Ever since then, when he approaches us, we sing "Here Comes The Lilt Man!". It's funny every time for us, not so much for him though.

I shall hope that my friend's house has decent double glazing so I can avoid the sodding whistles...

12:58 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

But now Ella will no where to find you Shep :-)
Hope you are good at disguise

1:00 pm  
Blogger Moaner Lisa said...

Great tips. I have been thinking of going to see the Che exhibition for a while. But don't you just pay £7 quid to see the same picture over and over again?

Also I see today's Guardian is playing catch-up. What's this? Birmingham no longer concrete hell-hole? We know already. More canals than Venice? Yes, we have heard. Mailmaison? That's been covered too. Jessica's? ...zzz..zzz...

Oh trusted Guardian, please try to keep up.

1:02 pm  
Anonymous Tanya said...

CS in no act or arse kissing mind you but this has happened a few times, like lots. Hear it here first then read about it later. Thanks Moaner Lisa (great name BTW)Did you not go to Nixon to get some wiretapping secrets? LOL

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I will arse kiss. I LOVE CITY SLICKER!!!! :-)

1:09 pm  
Blogger Shep said...

And can we stop picking on Ella please. Not nice.

2:25 pm  
Anonymous Ella said...

Ok I am back but only because I am addicted to CS very worrying indeed. Better for my helath than ben & Jerry's I hope :-) And this is THE internet so nobody actually knows who i am or where i live. Shep shame about Nixon I booked up for Saturday matinee but just a single. CS love the action reaction thang goin on. All else have a fabulous Bank Holiday. I am off to the V&A...seriously. Shep, that was not a hint :-)

2:46 pm  
Anonymous dawnbysea said...

Okay I am scared. Are they checking your text messages CS like they do Paris Hilton How are you always so in the know? Me wants to know. Uncanny....thanks for tip off Moaner Lisa

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Blair said...

fun blog. just registered. found you on Metro blog roll. really useful site and search fcn awesome. will stay posted. cheers cs!

12:08 am  
Blogger Will said...

Also, if you're Italian it's actually the law that you must always travel in large groups, talk loudly amongst yourselves on the tube and always stop to discuss something just before you go through ticket barriers.


2:42 am  
Blogger City Slicker said...

Are you sure that is not the Americans you are referring to Will? Either way, I get double counted. Ouch. But at least the Italians have enough 'style' or rather 'sense' to stay away from the Wax Museum.

9:03 am  
Blogger Will said...

Yeah actually thinking about it that pretty much covers all tourists. We don't much like strangers round these parts.

I just can't believe they closed down the Planetarium (educational yet fun) to replace it with yet another bastion to disposable celebrity culture - a new Waxworks.

For shame. For shame.

1:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Carnival is a nightmare. Anyone who disagrees is to scared to be labelled a racist. Afro Caribbean culture crossed with criminal behaviour. Now that is progress for integration. I agree with Ken get rid of it. London will only be better off.

10:27 am  
Blogger Andrea said...

Loved your witty post again. Keep up the great work!

4:30 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

I agree the Carnival should definitely be moved to Hyde Park where it can be better guarded by police. Notting Hill residents hate it and who can blame them? Tom

5:42 pm  

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