Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hot Tip on Hot Chip

Album purchasing is often a desperate act taken to satisfy an urge to buy something, usually the last ditched destination of any failed shopping trip. And in this day of ubiquitous clone town Britain, the record shop (are they still called that?) is almost certainly HMV. And it is here where I found myself last night, chasing the endorphin buzz. And no, you armchair psychologists out there, it was not desperate escapism, I just wanted to update my Ipod.

On the face of it, HMV seemed a safe choice during sales season. How much damage could be done with the purchase of The Best of Nina Simone at £2.99? But last night I went into HMV on a mission to resist the throngs, and headed straight to the non- discounted Staff Recommendations section, a useful cheater's guide to instant music taste.

And then I zoomed in like a falcon's swoop on my prey, The Warning by Hot Chip. What a cool name, both band and album, and the cover wasn't too bad either. Crucial criteria for us discerning music listeners for whom NME stands for Not ME.

On first listen I was so taken in by the frantic opener 'Careful' I played it again straight away and that is the actual Warning.. This album is addictive.

Hot Chip play catchy electronic vibes with emotion filled lyrics. They give bleak electronica some much needed heart and soul. Hot Chip, dare I suggest such a lofty comparison, remind me a bit of New Order. And The Warning reminds me of the cool album you heard in that trendy boutique run by the stoney faced girl, but were too embarassed to ask what it's called...and she looked mean anyway.

The singles 'And I Was a Boy From School' and 'Over and Over' are brilliant and the latter has a catchy but fun homage to repitition with "Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal". The album will make you want to dance around the kitchen with your socks on (like Hugh Grant in Love Actually, but with groove).

Well, that should at least make us all feel a bit better about missing the Pet Shop Boys in concert at Tower Bridge last night.

Price tip:

£7.99 from Amazon or £9.99 from HMV. Not sure what the cooler music establishments are, or how much they charge.

Oh, and Hot Chip come from Putney, South London. In case you are going to a Pub Quiz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite. It's a classic record ...

11:11 pm  
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