Friday, June 23, 2006

Weekend plans in the bag

Today's Guardian tells us that the average office worker spends two hours a day dealing with petty distractions - answering the phone, responding to emails, making cups of tea, wondering if Eriksson actually 'would switch teams for Beckham'...(no, not that way, to Real Madrid of course). And other research shows that 90% of conversations after 5PM on a Friday are spent doing informal SWAT analysis over potential weekend plans.

Liz's petty distraction:

Hottest ticket this weekend
Michelangelo Drawings at the British Museum, closes Sunday.
All pre-booked seats have been sold out, so you have to get there early on the day of and hope you don't miss the walk-up allocation. Box office opens at 9:40. There was a queue from 9AM this morning, but as of 11AM they had not sold out. So chances are if you make the effort to get there, you should get in.

And if you do manage to get in, the museum is open until midnight on Saturday as is the cafe and there will be live music. It would be quite something to celebrate the longest day of the year with one of the greatest artists of all time. If transmuting flesh and blood into line and shape is your thing, of course.

But if you simply can't get in, the British Museum has kindly created a free PDF version of "Closer to the Master: A Book About Michelangelo," which you can download from the website to read at your leisure.

And if your thinking is more Dolce-Gabbana than Michael-Angelo, the Mulberry sale has started in full, both in store and on-line( There are good deals to be had if you aren't traditional about colour. Just think yourself Kate Moss not Kate Middleton when considering the lime green tassled option. And don't dare look at the new and very non-sale priced ones for Autumn. The Emmy (pictured above) gets my award, but at £595 is not for us mere mortals...

If only to be a WAG for a day
It is a big price to pay
But to lay hands on an Emmy
I would wake up to Rooney

PS - Rumoured knock offs in Oasis starting at £35


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey city slicker really like your piece on the new mulbury hand bag, i think i'll get one for myself! lots of love, terry x

5:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:14 pm  
Blogger ems said...

Handbags really aren't my thing. I have a bright pink satchel that makes do for every occasion!!

Michelangelo drawings were excellent.

7:45 pm  
Blogger Chris said...

Don't know about an Emmy bag, but doubt I'd want anything that much to wake up with Rooney. But if you are talking Frank Lampard or Joe Cole however, a Tesco bag would do me.

1:12 pm  
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Blogger Jason Martin said...

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