Monday, July 03, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful

Okay, so it hasn't worked yet. We professed to wake up this morning, put the depression of Saturday's misfortunes behind, and be happy that we no longer have to care about what happens in Baden-Baden, wherever the heck that was. It always sounded too much like Bin Laden to not bring up sinister connotations. So we are lucky to have escaped really.

But, that aside, there is still widespread national depression so I propose we wallow in it briefly, and then find 3 reasons to be cheerful. Three because its 3rd July, not because there aren't more. Geez, we really are miserable today...

So here for the collective moan. It's Monday. It was too hot to sleep last night. We can't stop thinking about sleazy Ronaldo's wink. Saturday's match meant we missed sales shopping. Our summer holiday is still not booked. We think maybe this is the year to finally go to Ibiza and party like its 1999 because we were too scared about the Millenium Bug to do anything back then. We check Easyjet to find prices are over £400 and remember that we're broke and want a new job. Oh, and then there's that smarmy David Cameron making headway with his eco muesli offensive. But surely smiling your way through stupidity isn't enough to get you very far? Don't answer that...more on George Bush later.

Right, happy now? Whinging is officially over.

3 Reasons to be cheerful today (remember one day at a time) :

1) You are not a WAG. Just imagine what that 70 minute flight back from Germany was like next to a self pitying, inconsolable, ego scarred, withering excuse of the man you hunted down for the kill back in that seedy footballer grouppies nightclub in Essex. Just don't ask Colleen. She got a different flight, apparently.

2) H&M bikini's from £9.99 are the best of the High Street this year again. And once you find your size, you never have to try one on again. H&M designs never change, just the colours. So no more trips to the changing room only to come out feeling fat and depressed. Now that should cheer us up.

3) Captain Jack is back. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's European premiere is in town at Leicester Square tonight. Opens for the rest of us across London this Thursday 6th July. Which is also George Bush's 60th birthday and 'one day closer to his death' (to paraphrase the line from Billy Elliott about Maggie). And that thought has to make the whole world a more cheerful place.


Blogger The very nice man said...

Hi, City Slicker,
Here are 3 reasons to be cheerful from me:
1.) The weather is gorgeous and a good excuse to sip Pimms all evening
2.)My car has got air con and doubles up as a good excuse to go and get more Pimms from the shop
3.) It's only about 1 month until it is your birthday!

1:50 pm  
Blogger The very nice man said...

Your birthday must be around this time as your star sign says 'cancer'.

9:56 am  
Blogger Memento said...

I wanted to go to the Pirates premiere at Leicester just for the sake of seeing Johnny Depp in flesh. Ha ha ha...
I'm that sad.
I didn't actually go, though.

10:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cityslicker, you are my reason to be cheerful
Are you single?
I think I am faling in love
With respect

12:57 am  
Blogger hungech said...

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6:25 pm  

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