Thursday, January 18, 2007


The Blairites have long hinted that Gordon Brown is not quite the full public sector borrowing requirement. Hence Alastair Campbell's famous reference to the chancellor as 'psychologically flawed'. As accepted, until yesterday when Campbell's former spin doctor claimed on internet TV, 18 Doughty Street, that it was actually Tony himself who made the remarks.

You can see the clip HERE. The full programme is HERE.

Just when GB (ah, 'GB for GB' - now that is stuff campaigns are won on, surely?) thought a reality-TV race row over a Bollywood actress was enough to threaten his high-profile visit to India, it got worse. Forget the real issues our Chancellor was set to address in Bangalore; like, oh I don't know, hi-tech miracles and world trade; instead let's force him to voice his criticism on a programme he is unlikely ever to have watched and then fend off petty cliquey office politics; burnishing his credentials as an international statesman and prime minister in-waiting. And you thought you were having a bad week?

But, c'mon Gordo, let's forget but never forgive. That is the hallmark of the truly great feud. Never forgive or reconcile. Never back down. Land the first blow and extract the last laugh. Above all, take the fight to the enemy. I know, the rules of modern politics dictate you must conduct your quarrel in venomous whispers. But once, just once, I would love to see you square up to Tony, poke him in the chest, and declare: “So, you think you’re Tony Blair?”

But, enough of that. All of this hatred has got my pump primed for a night of pleasure hating at insanely popular, Mark Watson's "I'm Worried I'm Starting to Hate Almost Everyone in the World" comedy show at the Soho Theatre. Tonight to Sat. Returns only. 0207 429 6883


Anonymous ella said...

C'mon does anybody actually think it could have been anybody but CHERIE who said that?

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good scoop CS. But nobody likes a kiss and tell. What was this Campell c^nt playing at?

Because a Conservative Government is such a great option. NOT!!

7:15 pm  
Anonymous HeartyBowl said...

Given his chicken run to India to avoid inflation figure & the West Lothian question, its good to see the beeb headlining a report of his visit as:

"Brown begins landmark Indian visit"

No bias or bigging up Brown there then!

7:17 pm  
Anonymous Henry said...

Great story - but that bloke should be ashamed at himself for digging up dirt on former employees.

Like the music clip from yesterday BTW. Noticed a mention of him in a music mag today after reading yesterday's post.

The more I think about this Labour party infighting the more I worry. What do you think CS? Will they do themselves in?

7:21 pm  
Anonymous dawnbysea said...

Ella - definitely Cherie am with you babe.

7:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anybody classify Tony as psychologically flawed? Taking us to bed with the Americans, letting us get raped by them and then holding hands thereafter? If that is not bipolar disorder than I give up!

7:50 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

pots and kettles, glasshouses and stones .....damn new Labour!

7:56 pm  
Anonymous honkman said...

Cameron is Blair's preferred successor. The thing that must piss Brown off the most is the way that Yo Blair is generally such a gamma male amongst bigshots, but treats Brown like Baldrick.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brown's trip is so embarassing for many reasons:

1) Now the world knows that UK telly is shite

2) Of course the chav classes are racist - why is that news!

3) Couldn't Tony Blair keep his mouth shut about poor old Gordon who he has tortured for years now?

It is all so Pete Tong on so many levels!

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way CS did you actually get to see Mark Watson?

1:57 am  
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