Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Dress Rehearsal

Rudolph Giuliani is running for president, it would seem. And it is never pretty, watching a politician revise himself in full view, and Mr. Giuliani is revising like mad. And then there is that video. Back in 2000, for a City Hall roast, Mr. Giuliani got himself dolled up in drag and made a video in which Donald Trump flirts with him. And say what you will about Ken (and yesterday many of you did), there is no video out there of London's mayor waltzing around in a long lavender gown and a brassiere, and blond wig, while an aging tycoon nuzzles his chest:

Don't get me wrong. This is not a major issue. There are plenty of bigger issues (like Guiliani's tolerance of police misbehavior and him marrying his cousin). But the video has a creepy fascination to it. The man in the lavender dress and the blond wig surely never contemplated running for president. It was the two planes hitting the towers a year later that made him a celebrity and then a candidate, nothing he had accomplished himself in public office.

Call me old-fashioned but the leader of the free world shouldn't feel a need to cross-dress. Putting on a flight suit and helmet is as far as he should go into the realm of fantasy. Surely? And they wonder why everyone says he is weird.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How drunk was he?

5:35 pm  
Anonymous Ella said...

This is brilliant. Where did you ever find this?! Guiliani in drag - loving it :-) LOL

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Genie said...

You have to ask yourself if he put himself up to this or his aides did? Also, I wonder how much he fancied himself in that dress? I think we call him offciially out of the race with that baggage.

5:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God!


5:46 pm  
Anonymous hb said...


5:51 pm  
Anonymous honkman said...

Giuliani is an ultraliberal. He supports gay rights. He supports banning all handguns. He supports abortion. His wife kicked him out, and he moved in with two gay men and a Shih Tzu. Is that America's values? I don’t think so.

5:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy v day CS

5:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You'll remember that at the same time Rudy was getting his drag on, he was furiously going after nightclubs and trying to shut down nightlife in NYC.

In retrospect, do you think he was trying eliminate drag queens and other cross-dressing competition from the scene?


6:00 pm  
Anonymous Benj said...

It's amazing how worked up people can get over a dress on a man, especially in the context of a comedy skit..

6:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy and the Don make quite a nice couple, don't you reckon? I never knew he married his cousin.

6:10 pm  
Anonymous newyorkdaytripper said...

Giuliani allowed the search and clean up crews at ground zero to breath in the toxic air without a word about how deadly it was. He's a typical Republican that puts corporate profits over what's best for the people he "supposedly" served.

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Dan Farming said...

CS...I hope whoever the Democratic nominee is, is NOT afraid to go after this "man"...for lack of a more appropriate term.

Rudy DID look brave on the news following the attack..but you are right...the kid gloves HAVE to come off...more than the 3000 who lost their lives in the strike, are now suffering (and dying) from being the first on-site for recovery. Why were THEY not given a 20 cent face cover... There were many shots of Rudy without a mask..(photo op)..and I am guessing that he too will undoubted contract some nefarious lung disorder..sad justice...perhaps.. What's more..since the attack and it's immediate aftermath..what has he done? nothing..nada...zilch...

Move over Rudy...your 14 minutes is up.

6:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two years after 911 Guiliani was still wearing his FDNY hat. Thats all you need to know about this scumbag. He will try to ride that tragedy for all he can squeeze out of it.
Greedy phony. I wish that during one of his public appearances,while wearing his FDNY hat , a real hero of 911, one of the fireman, grabbed that hat off his head and stuffed it down his throat!!!!!!!!

6:28 pm  
Anonymous Keith43 said...

At last, someone uncovers the Republicans' other "Inconvenient Truth". New Yorkers are well aware that Rudy is less "America's Mayor" and more of a spotlight grabbing narcissist. Case in point: Best NYC police commish ever, Bratton, is now in LA. Another: Rudy takes credit for cleaning up NY, but never mentions the privately funded Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). I won't even get started on his charming wife (check the NY Post archives for tales of Hamptons hissy fits..."Do you know who I am!"). Hopefully articles and blog posts like this one will show the people what he's really all about.

6:30 pm  

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