Thursday, September 28, 2006

London's love-in

When you run out of real news you commission a survey. Or so the media does all too often. What would Metro do without inane polls to fill its pages every morning? But just who are these people that get surveyed? Why are we never included? Do you have to actually have a gas bill in your name, have voted for your local MP, and have an MOT not an Oyster? If so, it is no wonder the latest Love in London report, missed out the average Londoner. Or maybe the 647 strong 'representative' sample is a better gauge than my single (and no, not spinster) circle of mates.

So without further ado, according to the latest report: 25% of you (note my discreet absolution) are having four dates a week, a quarter are in it just for sex and one in five residents of Clapham, Fulham and Wimbledon go on just one date a week, compared to 51% of randy south-east Londoners.

See where my incredulity stems? Who are these people? Even if we count those live-in couple's 'let's have a date night' attempts to rekindle the romance (which incidentally are recipes for expectation disaster akin only to birthdays), I don't know of a single (as in one) friend who has gone on a 'date' this week, this month, maybe even this year. Well, except for Miss X, the one recently signed up to the dating agency, and who fits in multiple dates after work and before 7PM. And as this survey was sponsored by (London's hottest new dating service), the sample bias in favour of daters more than stacks up.

But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't indulge in a bit more fun with what is obviously a well plugged PR attempt to prey on our feelings of romance inadequacy (because the deliberate picture here of the future King and Queen of England trotting out a practice run of wedding attire wasn't bad enough) by a recently launched new dating service. And so for a UK-US love-in (Clinton's proclamation of undying devotion for Brittania last night has us in the mood) over 60% of London men and women would prefer to date another Brit. But, my personal favourite - 33% of surveyed men said they would prefer a (loud often unhinged) American woman, and 30% of women a (loud smelly sneaker wearing) American man.

And if American fetishes and claims of sexual rampancy amongst the swells of London's cesspool of M&S TV dinner eating, EastEnder addicts was hard enough to believe; the most bizarre news was that Holborn -yes, that part of town solely defined by a Central Line stop - is second only to Covent Garden as the best place to meet a new romantic prospect.

Well, whilst we will leave you Aloone to sort our your love life, we can certainly offer better suggestions for locations to take that new romantic prospect this week:

For the Chelsea fan what a better way to marry football with the female than by heading to La Famiglia for a romantic dinner and near Stamford Bridge. With a Saturday kick-off at 3PM you will have plenty of time to make dinner at 8. A wonderful locals family restaurant that I am near to regretting for writing about. Don't miss the homemade boar pasta or tiramisu (best in town).

For the broody female, book up to see the Children of Men at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. If the threat of world annihilation via infertility doesn't make him rise to the manly challenge of saving the world (and you) via impregnation, nothing will. The deluxe seat cinema is handy for an after film bite at the ever trendy Electric Brasserie.

For the most exciting gay cultural event to hit London since the EuroPride check out the House of Homosexual Culture's autumn fayre (complete with gay tombola!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something about you that makes me feel you are different. Somebody told me this some time ago and made me feel like I had to say it if I came across any of those especial persons. Because it felt good knowing that someone else noticed it.

Congratulations for your blog.

I've decided to post this annonymous because people can ask me: "And why don't you tell ME that I'm especial?"

2:00 pm  
Anonymous Bill said...

ok weirdo anonymous comment person

well i was just giong to say how they should have broken down these survey results by age at least

and how many answered from each part of London

was it a balanced sample

2:05 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

I used to be one of the people that the metro surveyed. Once a year, they ask people to apply to be questionned every three months, by e mail, about a number of things. These topics are usually sponsered by an advertiser.

They removed me from the survey however when I revealed that I did not read metro every day. Therefore, given the strict criteria, I can only assume that the people they question are not really a true cross section of Londoners...

2:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But this survey is not a metro survey it's from that dating agency
check the web link

3:05 pm  
Anonymous Carrie said...

I go on about a date a month. Through a service and through friends just introducing me.

London is a very hard city to be single in. I lived in Tokyo for years and men just approached you there.

Here they have to be drunk and falling over before they get enough confidence.

That is the real problem and reason why 1/3 would go for a loud brassy septic. At least someone will take the bull :-)

3:11 pm  
Anonymous bighouselittleman said...

Great London blog City Slicker

From one of the 20 percentage of lonely sods in NE London

Do you really think Charlie is just too old and Willie is up?

4:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these stats are depressing me

who has a love life like that

sex more than once a month is a miracle

and i am from sexed up SE1

4:38 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

One of the deepest traumas experienced by every Englishman who comes to meet an American-and, these days, that's almost every Englishman-is that of encountering, for the first time, in quantity and in her own native habitat, the American woman. Blind terror, a desire to learn judo, and a willingness to marry any girl who'll sit at home of nights and sew are some of the symptoms usually associated with this confrontation.

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans also resent the English's assumption that a working-class background (his or ours) is a disadvantage in "society," that "no golf green is decent until it's been rolled for 200 years," .

5:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

forget the yanks
60% of us brits still choose each other
i doubt that includes the 25% just out for sex though because in that category we cant make it on the chart

5:15 pm  
Blogger Shep said...

Once a month??! Like rabbits that is compared to us parents...

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for including the lesbians and gays ! Hooray !

10:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed finally a popular and useful blog that doesnt dismiss gays and lesbians as fringe
we salute you

7:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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