Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The red cups return

Shock, horror - today marks the return of the red cups to Starbucks. And before you right-on, anti-Starbucks, fair trade hooligans start attacking me, I too hate Starbucks. Not so much because they exploit third world labour, sell fake corporate responsibility, or spread like a global virus destroying host cultures. No, I hate Starbucks simply because their product stinks. Their coffee is always bitter. But, that doesn't stop me extracting pleasure from the seasonal marketing campaign some sucker's £4/day double mint mocha decaf skim latté addiction is subsidising.

Blue skies, a crisp breeze, temperatures cold enough to warrant covering up any 'dinner-lady arms' (the only new phrase worth bovvering to remember from last week's Catherine Tate Show) with big woolly jumpers. What is there not to like about the Smoke in November? So, rather than wallow in the gloom of impending egg nog latté (which, incidentally, has more calories than a Big Mac) season, let's indulge in three reasons to be cheerful it's autumn in London. Because who needs Christmas in New York or springtime in Paris, when you can:

1) Celebrate whiskey season in style at Bumpkin: Westbourne Grove's latest culinary trailblazer that is part country brasserie, part restaurant, part whiskey room. Officially launches today.

2) Dress like a sleb (not a typo and better than A-lister) in Roland Mouret's hotly anticipated collection of dresses for Gap. Shouldn't be too surprising as we have been bigging up Gap for ages now. The most expensive one costs £78. On sale from 7 November.

3) Absorb the exuberance behind the paintings of young, LA-based, international art world sensation Laura Owens at the Camden Arts Centre. Well-known fans include David Hockney. Until 26 Nov.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the reappearance of those dang red cups always depresses me too. But a syou say City Slicker onwardsnd upwards. What a lovely day in London out there today. Autumn is the best season this fair country has to offer. Let's celebrate the first of November!

3:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog

New to your site

Bumpkin sounds fun

3:57 pm  
Anonymous Anna said...

Laura Owens is a maginificent talent and an incredible woman as well. I am very glad to read London is honouring her with such a splash event

4:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhh can't wait for the Mouret dresses!!

4:13 pm  
Anonymous Sheila Jaston said...

Fun first blog experience for me
Sheila Jaston

4:17 pm  
Anonymous Dave, a script writer said...

The Internet also plays a role in Starbucks marketing effort: there is a web film "The Red Cup", which represents the filmed extension of an idea that is running in the real world in which Starbucks red holiday venti cups have been attached to taxi cabs and unmarked cars.
Well done for Starbucks, from no ads to guerrilla and viral marketing, also in the coffee business you need to keep running...

4:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree a whiskey room sounds ace :-)

4:38 pm  
Anonymous Beverley said...

Love this site

Who needs Time Out now? :-)

4:52 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

I know I said that I didn't like Starbucks anymore, but that is so in the past. They got their special Christmas drinks back! I love the gingerbread latte, and I think there's a new drink out this year as well: peppermint mocha. Oh, and also the little red cups are oh so cute. I'm definitely going to go back to having my daily cup of Starbucks coffee!

5:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop the madness Starbucks or otherwise

There are 7 weeks until Santa man comes to town. Weeks not Days. Keep red away from me.

5:21 pm  
Anonymous Henry said...

Like the sounds of Bumpkin

Funny coming from a City Slicker not a Country Bumpkin!

6:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just back from a trip to red hell Starbucks

£2.82 for a blinking latte. Cold mind you.

Never again

6:30 pm  
Blogger Shep said...

For real coffee fans like myself...this is the only place to be!

6:35 pm  
Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

AMEN! I have never understood why so many lemmings have followed the leader in plunking down a few quid or dollars just to get burned bitter-tasting coffee.

Plus it burns me that a "tall" or "grande" isn't the largest. Can't they just say "small," "medium" or "large" like everyone else? Or is that part of the expensive experience?

I prefer locally-owned coffee shops with GOOD coffee any day.

7:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dinner lady arms is OTT brilliance!

7:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for Starbucks and was directed to your blog by our marketing department. I will be corresponding with you by your email address. Please respond.

8:11 pm  
Blogger ems said...

Bloody hell - that last response seems rather abrupt and heavy handed. Spoof or real?

8:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be a spoof no?
Slicky you in slammer babe?

8:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great new blog
Thank you Time Out.

8:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scandel in the blog house :-)

8:45 pm  
Blogger Jamie said...

I refer to starbucks as fuckbucks

loathe them and their foul coffee! hope life's treating you well City Slicker

9:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this blog. One of the few I have read but is very accessible and fun. Will return...

11:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

feel guilty just had soya latte
sorry city slicker

11:19 am  
Blogger Monique said...

I hate what Starbucks stands for to - but I just CANNOT resist their chai latte!!!! It is so so so so good - I'm am addicted!

11:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those dressed sound fab
i love the dress he did for nicle kidman last oscars
will look out
riots indeed

11:39 am  
Blogger David said...

I much prefer "Bingo Wings" to dinner lady arms

BTW its Whisky, Whiskey is Irish/American!

4:33 pm  
Blogger David said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er... David City Slicker is American?

4:36 pm  
Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

What ever came of the ominous-sounding message from "anonymous"??? Enquiring minds want to know!

6:54 pm  
Blogger City Slicker said...

Hi Ems and Steve - Starbucks did write to me. They questioned my comment on the egg nog latte calorie rub(which is actually true!) and asked why I didn't contact their PR office before making any claims (?!)

Hmmm, let em think about that one!

6:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:31 pm  
Blogger hungech said...

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