Thursday, March 08, 2007

Femmes fatales

Rather than engage in the usual navel gazing that a topic such as today's celebration of International Womens Day would invite, I am going to surprise you. Today I suggest we play men at their own game: shameless self promotion.

And did you know that while women may hold up half the sky, less than 10% of film directors are female? The Birds Eye View Film Festival sets things right, however, by showcasing the stunningly different work of female filmmakers from across the globe. Kicking off with tonight's star-studded opening party, the programme includes the UK premiere of Sherrybaby (featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal) luminaries such as Tilda Swinton and Julie Christie, alongside new work from directors in developing countries. Music also plays a key role, with such films as Shut Up and Sing — a profile of controversial country gals the Dixie Chicks — and silent films that are accompanied by live musicians.

Inspired and inspiring. This game is easy.

The Birds Eye Festival

Thur 8 - Wed 14 Mar
ICA, The Mall, SW1
£6-£15, book here


Anonymous hb13 said...

Yes playing the male way is easy it is just too many women are frightened to do it! Instead they sit and pur sipping hot milk.

7:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the dixie chicks

7:53 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

While I was somehow managing to get back to work today morning after a rather long working night yesterday ..half a dozen people stopped me and wished me "Happy Women's day" and I was well... not sure how to respond! "Thank u" sounded 'weird", "same to you" couldnt apply to most of them as they were men so all I had was a confused smile!

Then there was this "International Womens Conference" today at office where women from different MS locations had come and the guys were so excited a) cause they had never seen so many women in campus before AND b) there was free food.
So on one hand there were (and will be tomorrow) some cool talks on Women @work issues - work life balance, Women business leaders blah blah on the other hand and then we had some fun performances by the women at MS.

But amidst all this - I kept asking myself as to why was I NOT feeling special. I mean is really an 'International Women's day' required? What is the basic idea behind having a womens day?? I mean we are all equal right? So why have a separate day???

7:55 pm  
Anonymous Esther said...

"Shut Up and Sing" is a great documentary. The way the Dixie Chicks dealt with the controversy following Natalie Maines' remark is truly inspiring. Despite a very real fear that their careers were over, they stuck together through the storm of criticism and even a death threat, and came through the whole experience stronger.

10:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant blog

8:47 am  
Anonymous Charlie said...

What a load of bollocks all days of remembrance and celebration are. You should be celebarting who you are every day. Please!

11:33 am  
Anonymous dangerzone said...

Sherrybaby is a fantastic film!

Enjoy everyone

12:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your blog slicky

go girl!

6:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock on girlfriends


6:52 pm  

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