Friday, November 10, 2006

Coming up roses

All things considered this has been a good week for women. And not just because Vanity Fair has generously given us Brad Pitt on the cover of their inaugural December art issue. Whilst Brad is apparently contesting the photo as 'unauthorised', there are few of us who could think of a better reason to undertake a threat of legal action than Brad Pitt, some water, Brad Pitt's knickers, a gun, the colour blue, right ladies? Especially if the 'authorised' one involved him covered in sand and cuddling a brown baby while inspirationally looking off into the middle-distance while a choir of angels weep with gratitude or something.

But there is more to be thankful for. With the help of Dubya's 'thumping', for the first time ever a woman is third in line to be US president. And whilst over in Britain this week, women received more news of the latest glass ceiling heights, we are too inspired by the prospect of Hillary as CEO of the 'free-world' in two years to give it much thought. So with smug delight and the world at our feet (c'mon, for today, join in the dream that democracy matters), let's indulge our rose-tinted view with the 14th edition of City Slicker's "Week's Action, Weekend Reaction."

1) Aghast at today's headline that the cost of raising a child has jumped to £180, 137? React by promoting singleton status and head to London's newest nightclub, Kitts , where the spirit of the Caribbean is brought to Chelsea. The new Boujis?

2) Assume tomorrow's Lord Mayor's Show is a trap for Thames-bound tourists? React by enjoying the South Bank a night early, and head to the Hayward Gallery's 'A Space Where Music Resonates' evening for high-brow, late-night boozing. Tonight 7-11 PM.

3) Overly excited by the hype surrounding Chester-born, (move-over-Hugh-Grant-Now-We-Finally-Have-A-Real-British-Icon), Daniel Craig as the best Bond since Sean Connery? React by delaying the pleasure and getting your heated action from the one-off chances at the Latin American Film Festival. Top picks include Broken Sky (11 & 19 Nov) and Loving Maradona (12 Nov). Curzon Soho.


Anonymous Claire said...

Is there a gun in the photo? Very nice and I suppose somehow arty.
Hayward do sounds fun.

1:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

going out to buy a copy now and i hate art :-)

1:41 pm  
Anonymous PJ said...

Yes excited to catch Casino Royale. Finally a 007 that we want sequels from.

1:49 pm  
Anonymous Tanya said...

Why is he fighting the picture? We see pictures of him building huts too and sadly at 42 he is not going to look like this forever. If women can get away with it why can't Brad? Confused...

1:57 pm  
Anonymous Stan said...

Loving Maradona is an ace film I caught it at this festival in teh Bay area, SF.

The 75-minute documentary not only tells the story of his life and rise to heroic icon, it also demonstrates a phenomenon that is hard to put into words: the sheer passion that Argentineans feel for their beloved Maradona. Throughout the film I was trying to imagine a parallel in my own life and the only figure I came up with was Wayne Gretzky. But relating Canadian enthusiasm to Latin American passion is like comparing a light rain to Iguazu Falls.

The film gives you a glimpse of the affection through interviews (one Argentine man was quoted as saying ‘my priorities are my mother, my family and then Maradona’), photos (over 25 men displaying their tattoos of lifelike Maradona drawings) and fan group gatherings (including footage of a ceremony at the Church of Maradona).

A must for any Maradona fan. Glad to see it made it to the UK

2:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rubbish pele beats out maradona

2:04 pm  
Anonymous honkman said...

Maradona reminds me of my Mum who would forever change my outlook on life when she showed me the nature of English sorrow and despair by letting loose a deluge of tears following the "Hand of God" tragedy at the 1986 World Cup. After the second Maradona goal, she said "the god of football hates us." She also noted that we were his play things... I still don't know if she was talking about Maradona or the football god.

2:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love it

6:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha so funny how men can turn a girly subject into it!!!!

6:16 pm  
Anonymous James said...

totally men rule

you mention Brad we talk sports


6:20 pm  
Anonymous Victoria said...

love the photo but do you really believe prince harry will trade boujis for kitts? time will tell...

6:26 pm  
Anonymous gymbo said...

It seems that everybody has an opinion on the Pele vs. Maradona debate. Reading the feedback has been quite an education. Some people provide very cogent arguments. Other simply rant and rave.

There is no definitive answer here, no conclusion that will make everybody happy.

And that's fine. FIFA's Player of the Century award is about as meaningful as winning Employee of the Month at your local McDonald's.

Folks, it doesn't matter.

6:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

excuse me but this is city slicker blog why are we talking football- is it just me?

6:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like him call it flight club

6:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your blog city slicker

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er, excuse me why are we talking football?

7:20 pm  
Anonymous Geoff said...

The Latin Amer FF tours the world and has excellent quality stuff.
Looking forward to it coming to Edinburgh

9:43 am  
Anonymous fanta said...

saw broken sky yesterday and was OTT Impressed. beautiful cinematography

10:25 am  

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