Monday, September 04, 2006

A touch of colour?

Downing Street was riddled with speculation at the weekend. But this time it was on matters less public than the recent internecine fighting over the date of Blair's leaving do; indeed, matters had moved on to the shade of the Prime Minister's hair do. And whilst this is not the first time the Administration has publicly denied claims of a bottle blonde Blair, there has been surprisingly little media coverage beyond a single weekend story in the Guardian. Which only leads us to assume the roots (of the story) have been well covered up.

Nevertheless, the Labour ranks have no doubt been gossiping over the water cooler about their boss's recent penchance for hitting the bottle (of peroxide). And whilst it is tempting to digress into a psychological deconstruction of what such an image update is meant to manifest, project, or simply correct. We will refrain; partly because the uncoloured sideburns speak for themselves, and partly because the weekend booby prize already went to Andre Agassi for his shameless blubbering.

But then I am not well disposed to speak of Agassi's image, I still see him as a 16-year-old petulant teenager in long hair, denim and DayGlo. What the former great, Ivan Lendl, once called "just a haircut and a forehand." Which I acknowledge is unfair as the balding icon has been defying his age for years now, prolonging the inevitable through sheer will and periodic spinal cortisone shots. Only to admit in recent interviews that he was starting to appear "more ordinary" than he wanted, and he would rather walk away than be ordinary.

And then I remembered the famous three words that Andre brazenly declared on billboards back when he was hairy and denim-clad: Image Is Everything. And whilst I still blame Agassi for leading us down the dangerous path of denim shorts and pink spandex, his image undeniably had an impact from start to finish. Some people will remember Andre as a pigeon toed shuffler and others as a graceful master of court, but everybody remembers him, even after the finish line.

But for Blair, the race hasn't stopped. With nearly ten years of practice, he is still balancing his egg on the spoon. And while he may be refusing to fire the starting gun, that hasn't stopped would-be successors from getting into the blocks. It's not, as Charles Ryder says in Brideshead Revisited, what one would have foretold. But with a looming Tory contender on the right side of 50, Britain's Prime Minister is trying to win as a blonde.

If your image (or fringe) needs a touch up:

Check out Taylor Taylor, London's trendy, friendly hair salon, that recently opened it's London flagship location off of Brick Lane. With rave reviews from Vogue, Time Out, and the Evening Standard; and with celebrity regulars including James Blunt, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Zoe Ball, and KT Tunstall you should emerge sharply shorn. With superior service, competitive pricing and Sunday trading it should attract Spitalfield market shoppers as well as hungover heads looking to update their multi-layered mullets.


Blogger ems said...

I thought you were only allowed to talk about how women MPs and tennis players look.

With you on Agassi - I remember him quite clearly from when I was a teenager - a few years ago now.

8:19 pm  
Blogger Moaner Lisa said...

Just as we were coming to accept that Blair's reign would never dye.....

Presumably, over-familiarisation with style over substance explains the media's disinterest....

9:17 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

Why didn't somebody tell him not to do that? Gosh he looks like the club kids who die their hair that ugly shade of blood-orange. Just plain No! Agassi is pretty cool in my estimation. He came back from being something like 141 in the world to 1. Not a bad comeback. I doubt he is going to go silent in retirement. The fat lady hasnt sung yet for him I reckon.

10:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Blair is a horse's ass.

That's right. You heard me. And I'll say it again:

Tony Blair is a horse's ass.

The prime minister who's capital city was struck by a coordinated and deadly attack by Muslim terrorists, is a horse's ass.

How so?

Not twenty-four hours after his own countrymen were massacred by Muslim terrorists, he says:

Blair said the assistance was designed "so that two states, Israel and Palestine, two peoples and two religions can live side by side in peace."
Israel isn't just one people. It's many people. It's a dynamic multicultural, multiethnic society.

As opposed to the PLO Arabs, who have done a fine job of trying to impose a single culture of victimhood in the stagnant and fabricated "Palestinian identity" that Arafat dreamed up while robbing his benefactors blind in Kuwait.

10:35 pm  
Anonymous Ellen said...

Thanks CS a hairdresser that works on Sunday is a godsend. And the website of this place looks really good. I like the organic ethos but also how you can get different services all at once like waxing, hair dressing etc. And at £40 for a cut with the art director I am there already. But a mullet please dont say they are coming back in? Makes Tony & Guy look a frump

10:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peculiar. Has Blair silenced the media? Wouldn't that mean he adoes have some power left then? The sideburns are ghastly.

7:33 am  
Anonymous Jan said...

I do have very specific data on the similar ruckus over Gerhard Schroeder's dark hair v. greying moustache a year or two ago (I believe it even went so far as him taking someone in the media to court for libel for claiming his hair was dyed!)

10:17 am  
Anonymous Steve said...

Those of us who are watching our hairlines receeding faster than the polar ice cap can only wish we had the material to work with that Tony does. Windblown, dyed, volumized...whatever--I'd take it. Even my ridiculous early-'70's mop.

10:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour spent $13,700 on hairstyling bills last year for Cherie. Doesnt look like Tony was priveleged to the sam.e

Of course the party would not comment on the report's accuracy, but suggested there was nothing wrong with such expenditures.
"So what?" a Labour spokeswoman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with party policy. "Mrs. Blair worked fantastically hard during the election. ... She is enormously popular with the party and, don't forget, we won the election."

1:57 pm  

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