Friday, September 08, 2006

The weekend is your oyster

That was the week that was. Where to start, or rather when to end? Sorry Blair, not those words again, I know. But we need some certainty. And we nearly take pity on you, but then we remember that this is the inevitable fate meted out to people who take their nations into wrong wars. Look at Lyndon Johnson, no Great Society could make up for Vietnam. And we still can't forget you for lying to us when Jeremy Paxman asked you back in 2003 if you and Bush prayed together?

But since you aren't moving on, we will. After all, Paris Hilton has been arrested for drunk driving and explained herself on live radio. At least somebody has the guts to face the music. So, yes Lemar, there is some justice in this world. If only we could get Kate Moss back together with lothario, Russell Brand, named the UK's Most Stylish Man at this week's GQ awards. Because maybe once we see a newborn clad in sass & bide skinny jeans will we be able to react to Suri's toupee with a strand of belief. And on that note we have the 6th edition of City Slicker's 'Week's Action, Weekend Reaction.'

1) Annoyed by how quickly the Earth's axis tilts, leaving us little time to enjoy the last few weeks of the sun season? React by getting in early on Britain's native oyster season, and head to Hay's Galleria, near London Bridge, for the annual oyster and seafood festival. This weekend, the covered shopping centre will host a veritable sea of shucked oysters, dressed crabs, lobsters and the pot (sorry lot). Champagne, Pimms and Guinness will also be on offer to wash down those jellied eels. And whilst at Hay's Galleria have a nose in The Riverside Bookshop, Bermondsey's answer to Daunt Books. 8-10 Sept.

2) Has yesterday's unveiling of Foster's and Roger's new World Trade Center towers left you feeling inspired? React by heading to the Barbican's Future City exhibit and fire up your sparked interest in megastructures and the modern wonder that across the world gargantuan schemes are being realised. Until 17 Sept.

3) Is all of the hype surrounding Justin Trousersnake's new priapic album making you cry out for music by real artistes? React by heading to a gig at the Spitz Festival of Folk. With outright legends like Davey Graham (9th Sept) and awe inspiring young talent like Bat for Lashes (12 Sept) your time will truely feel 'Justified'. The latter's lead singer, Natasha Khan, has been dubbed a cross between Sinead O'Connor and Bjork and is sensually provocative, and well, batty. But if you miss them at the Spitz or just want to be Boy Scout prepared, their debut album, 'Fur and Gold', will be released across good London music stores this Monday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to see Rod Stewart pull Russell Brand's hair :-(

1:02 pm  
Anonymous Vic said...

Great blog City Slicker. Always appreciated to read something for the people and not just another bloggers life story. Will subscribe to your list!

3:04 pm  
Anonymous gayinbrixton said...

City Slicker - the UK's greatest lothario, Russell Brand, is having to undergo a DNA Test after a 20yr old has come forward saying drugs were slipped into her drink after partying at the MTV monkey's rented flat in Edinburgh. Hmm... somethings fishy here, and it ain't his manly bits.

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to comment in this monstrosity without expressing my desire to have the persons responsible excecuted.

This ill-suited attempt to redevelop lower manhattan is more of a disgrace than a triumph. A masterplan that is composed of buildings that look like they have been plucked from the ready-made catalog and plopped onto the site. Where is the vision? The entire site needs to act as a memorial, and it needs to have uniformity. This looks more like an office park than the place of a national tragedy

3:11 pm  
Anonymous BostonRealtor said...

Freedom Tower, oh how you dissapoint me. just what New York needs, another glass box....OOO but wait, this one twists. Big deal, the necks of the architects twist as I snap them. A boring design in it entirety. Lets think about one aspect of the twin towers that was stunning. The aluminum exterior was beautiful, it would reflect the light in a most enchanting way. Why didn't the architects consider something intrinsic that would have captured the majesty of the lost icon?

And how can i forget the memorial itself. First off, the whole thing should be a memorial in concept, but in this sad reality the memorial is holes. water filled holes. Hey, let's run down into a pit like rats and then stare at concrete walls while water falls from above. Man i dont know about you but that sounds real fun! Did you know that were will be something like a $10 charge to enter. I didn't know greiving came with a price.

If any of this stuff gets built as it is designed, we will be witnessing the begining of the end of America. Like Rome before, she will fall due to apathy.

3:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Discovered the sultry sounds of Bat For Lashes today. Thank you City Slicker.

NME was also responsible for directing me to the sounds of The Purrs and The Longcut...although like Bats for Lashes they are neither available from Rhapsody. And the failures of Rhapsody accumulate....Le Sigh...

Still curious about "Spitfire" mentioned in the last Paul Oakenfold album...who are these people?? The band "Spitfire" I see in doesn't look right at all. Nor does "The Spitfire Band", apparently a Big Band Revival outfit. Gah! The Torment!

And, I must discover who sings in "Fahr zu Hoelle" from the last album from Rinocerose. Is it Sabina Sciuppa of Brazilian Girls? She is who I thought of at first listen. SCIUPPA!!!

3:59 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

The seafood festival is great fun and an excellent destination point for a weekend mooch. Stalls take over the Galleria and there was live music last year and just a really fun time.

Don't be put off by the queues for oyster stalls they go quickly. Atmosphere is buzzing but it is not as advertised as other festivals so it is not crazy packed.

Enjoy all

4:41 pm  
Blogger Moaner Lisa said...

Thanks for the link back to that Newsnight Slicker. Reading made me feel sick, but kind of think it's healthy to remember why I couldn't sleep that night.

Blair still in power, rubbish new york towers and the very existence of Russel Brand - I'm ready for a weekend reation!

4:49 pm  
Anonymous Tim said...

I have to agree with City Slicker on the NY towers. Despite the difference in appearances, at least to me, the buildings look beautiful, and fit the personality of New York to a tee. America, the melting pot; New York the place where cultures intermingle; the definition of America. Despite the buildings differences, the skyline embraces the fixtures, and works them in, as an integral part in the most recognizable skyline in the world.

4:59 pm  
Anonymous Sam said...


11:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to a source in the Mirror, Kate spotted Russell presenting his MTV show 1 Leicester Square: “Kate started squealing at the telly, saying she thought Russell was so sexy. He’s exactly her type - she loves the dirty rocker look.”

11:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:28 am  
Blogger ems said...

The Riverside Bookshop is a lovely little place. Once you've scoffed your oysters and bought a book, head down Tooley Street to Borough for some more goodies.

8:27 am  
Anonymous ed said...

City Slicker --

10 things you should do before you're 30
1. Age 29 years
2. Realize that the button on tube train doors has no effect whatsoever
3. Post a bag of Smack to Russell Brand's house
4. Stop trying to understand what anyone under the age of 18 is saying- innit
5. Admit you don't like the Arctic Monkeys
6. Get that lump on your knackers checked out
7. Suspect that Tupac Shakur/ Fred Dibnah may still be alive
8. Give up compiling arbitrary "lists"
9. See above

12:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog
Barbican exhibit rocks. Definitely a must see. Makes you regret London can't mastermind such ingenuity though.
Keep it up CS

10:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One who cravenly does another's bidding, a metaphorical butt boy.

The Left calls Tony Blair "George Bush's poodle."

4:47 pm  
Blogger Luis said...

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3:39 pm  

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